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September 20th, 2011

Dead Sea Scrolls – Complete Amos & Malachi Texts

Dead Sea Scrolls update time again. The short book of Malachi (3 Chapters) is contained in two Dead Sea Scrolls Manuscripts – 4Q76a (4QXIIa) and 4Q78c (4QXIIc), although neither of these two manuscripts contain any text from Chapter 1 (4Q78c (4QXIIc) actually only has chapter 3 verses 6 & 7 extant, and then in fragmentary form!).

Amos however, containing 9 chapters, is a bit more complete among the Dead Sea Scrolls being contained in four manuscripts: 4Q78c (4QXIIc), 4Q82g (4QXIIg), 5Q4Amos (5QAmos) and Wadi Murabba’at (MurXII). These four manuscripts contain text from all of the 9 chapters, although not every word is extant. Nevertheless, Amos does come down to us from these 2000+ year old scrolls in a near-complete form 🙂

4Q76a/4QXIIa Malachi | 4Q78c/4QXIIc Malachi

4Q78c/4QXIIc Amos | 4Q82g/4QXIIg Amos | 5Q4Amos/5QAmos Amos | Wadi Murabba’at/MurXII Amos

Edit: For the above, please refer to the Downloads Page.

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