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June 26th, 2010

New Research Document & Interlinear’s

I appear to be spoiling everyone this week. 3 days ago I released 3 Greek-English Interlinear's based on the oldest known Greek manuscripts of the Renewed Covenant, and today, I have released 2 more!

I have uploaded an interlinear of Galatians and Philemon, both of which can be downloaded in PDF Format: GalatiansPhilemon

And now, for a more serious update:

On one of the radio shows that I did a guest appearance on, I had mentioned that I was working on a Document that was endeavouring to decide a very serious matter: Did Paul (known as the Apostle Paul to most people) write the letter known as “Galatians”.

Well, I can say that it may have been 7 months since I said that, but I have finally finished it – and it's quite big.

I won't say too much more on it, but I've posted a quick stub of it under the Research category (a stub because it would take far too long to put the entire thing on the internet), including links to the PDF file that you can download and view on your own Computer 🙂

The Great Galatians Debate: Full Version

The Great Galatians Debate: Version without the 56 Page Appendix

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