The Way To Yahuweh

I am Yahuweh - That is My Name
Isaiah 42:8

Greek Interlinear

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Please find on this page links to PDF files of the Greek-English Interlinear Versions of the Greek Basis to The Way to Yahuweh Translation.

These are not Greek to Amplified English Interlinears, but more Greek to One English Word Interlinears for a quick reference to the Greek words and the core meaning of the Greek word. Should not be considered an English Translation, and is more for word-study purposes.

These will only be in downloadable form, due to the fact that it is too time consuming to turn them all into webpages.

1 Yahuchanon/John
2 Yahuchanon/John
3 Yahuchanon/John
2 Petros/Peter

Downloads Page Relevant PDFs
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