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Isaiah 42:8

New Blog! 4QSama Identification

New Blog! 4QSama Identification

Oct 2nd, 2018

As has been mentioned previously, I’ve¬†finally¬†got around to finishing a blog post on a newly identified fragment in the extensive Dead Sea Scrolls manuscript 4QSama (also known as 4Q51 Samuela). Along with this, there’s been some corrections / updates to…


Sep 25th, 2018

Just a quick update to apologise for the downtime over the past few days. Unfortunately my webhost had a massive issue Friday, which not only knocked out all the sites that they host, but even their own one. Don’t worry…

Update! New Ancient Papyrus Transcription

Apr 4th, 2018

Yup, it’s that time again! I’m pleased to finally upload the completed transcription and translation of Papyrus (P) 45, a rather large codex containing text from MattithYah (Matthew), Marcus (Mark), Lucus (Luke), Yahuchanon (John), and Acts! Please find it under…

Update! New DSS Manuscript + Blog Post

Mar 13th, 2018

To coincide with the release of a previously unreleased Dead Sea Scrolls manuscript (named MurIsa – see the Downloads Page), I have also done a Blog post explaining the transcription process, plus a few other tidbits about the Dead Sea…

Update! New Dead Sea Scrolls Page

Mar 5th, 2018

You might be wondering, if you’ve visited this site before, why on earth I’m announcing a ‘new’ Dead Sea Scrolls page, when I’ve already got several. This one is a little different. It’s not really ‘more’ information on the Dead…

Update! New Section, and More!

Jan 26th, 2018

For the year of 2018, TWTY will be endeavouring to be giving a few more updates than has been occurring the past year or so, so it gives me great pleasure to announce a new section for TWTY: Septuagint/LXX Manuscript…

Update! New Design for 2018

Jan 7th, 2018

It’s that time again where the look of TWTY needs an overhaul. Those visiting the site the past few days will have seen the new design, plus a few times where the site was inaccessible due to my inability to…

Update! Transcription of P72 & More

Oct 9th, 2017

Another Ancient Manuscript Transcription update: this time it’s 𝔓72, containing the letters designated 1 Peter, 2 Peter, and Jude! I’ve also gone through the rest of the uploaded ancient MS transcripts, and brought them up to date with the format…