The Way To Yahuweh
I am Yahuweh – That is My Name
Isaiah 42:8


I always find these sort of pages to be quite corny and silly, so I shall attempt to keep it as short as possible.

I’m no scholar or expert by any sense of the word(s), nor do I have any degrees; but I do have a brain, and I like to use it, hence this website.

Being raised Christian, I have had the experience of many different Christian denominations, not really finding my place in any of them, and wondering exactly why that was took quite a long time to figure out. All was to change, almost over a decade ago, when I finally found out why. I won’t go into all the details here, but the answer will be quite apparent in the main pages of the website. I no longer class myself as a “Christian”, as me and Christianity aren’t the opposite sides of the same coin, we are in fact two completely different coins, rolling in contrary directions. I still rely on God, and I still trust His Scripture (more commonly, and incorrectly, known as “The Bible”), but that doesn’t mean anything much with regards to being in union with Christians or Christianity. I am in fact not a member of any religion or any cult, as all of them, are in a sense, useless and hypocritical, which I just cannot be a part of – which I will not be a part of.

I think that’s enough about myself, as frankly, I’m not important with regards to the purpose of this website.