The Way To Yahuweh
I am Yahuweh – That is My Name
Isaiah 42:8

For Christians

This has probably been the only page that I found extremely difficult to write. What to actually say has been quite a struggle, although I’m not exactly sure why. For the Christians reading this (and for the non-christians as well), I seriously need you to understand exactly where I’m coming from. If you’ve read the About Me page, you’ll know that I used to be one of you – A Christian. But now I’m not. There really isn’t a “label” you could put on me, and I wish people would stop trying to. We always seem to have to want to label everything, giving them some sort of collective title that gives some stereotypical ideas and beliefs about the label and the people under it. The problem is, I don’t fall under any category, apart from Theist, but that’s about it.

Coming from a Christian background – Protestant mother, Roman Catholic father – I have been in or at least had an engaged time with several sub-dominations in between those general labels: Anglican, Methodist, Brethren, Baptist, Quaker, Messianic, Nazarene – none of which, when looking at them from a distance, are all that different to be honest. There’s several beliefs that separate them, but they have far more in common than they themselves realise, and which I didn’t realise at the time either. I understood and still understand the main Christian beliefs, and used to be active in arguing the case for their “truth”, being encouraged to read my Bible translations under the full belief and completely convinced that these translations were the Word of God, to which Pastors, Priests and Elders were able to explain and expound within their preaching and teaching, knowing that they had the answers to my questions. Now, I don’t intend this to be an attack on “Christianity” or on “Christians” – I was one of you, so I understand what many of you believe, as I believed the same things as well.

However there were, is, and are things that I discovered, which aren’t exactly “hidden”, they’re just not really in things that most Chrisitans are encouraged to read by other Christians. Nor would most, if not all, Pastors, Priests and Elders (and other people who preach Chrisitanity) declare from their stages and pulpits. Probably because most of them won’t know about them either (not that I’m brilliant or anything – lots of other people know what I discovered), and those that do, probably don’t want to lose their “flock”, which they most certainly would. I won’t get into what these things are in here, as this is really just an introduction to the website, and not a page explaining everything that has been discovered. Just know this: not everything you hear, read, or ‘know’, is the whole truth. Question everything, even what comes from your Church leaders mouth, and even what you read on this website (if I haven’t scared people away with this). I don’t claim to have “the whole truth”, and I never would. There is Someone Who does know the whole truth, and He’s not hidden either. We just need to know where to look. You may think you already have the “truth”, and to be honest, I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that. I too thought I already had the “truth”, but that was all to change.

In conclusion, I would encourage you to continue to read the pages on this website, as you, like me, might discover something you didn’t think was possible.

And I seriously doubt anyone can prove me wrong on that account.