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New section on TWTY: Apocrypha

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New section on TWTY: Apocrypha

February 15th, 2012

Well, I’m either insane, bored, or just eager to fill up all of my time with numerous other projects, but there’s another new section just started on TWTY today: The Apocrypha Section (which also includes Pseudepigraphical and Deuterocanonical books under an all-inclusive title). The page more or less explains what I’m doing, but a quick overview will suffice (ie, quoting from the page I just linked to =P)

Branching out from the usual ‘Scriptural’ books that people read, there are actually several other books, written by Jews or early followers of the Messiah & Gnostics, that didn’t make it into the Biblical Canon, yet are still quite interesting to read. Unfortunately, whilst there are already translations available for such works, they’re either very old and sound almost KJV-ish (example:, or not easily readable or downloadable (example: I have sought to rectify this, bringing a new, up to date translation of the underlying Greek and/or Hebrew texts, plus allowing them to be easily downloaded, read, and studied to see just exactly how they may differ from the Canonised books, and determine exactly why they didn’t receive Canoninity.

There will be three versions of each one: First) The sole English translation; Second) The underlying Greek and/or Hebrew text used only; and Third) Parallel English and underlying Language, in verse order.

These can either be accessible from the link above, or from the usual Downloads Page 🙂

Dead Sea Scrolls Transcriptions: Wadi Sdeir Genesis

February 4th, 2012

Just a quick update today. I was asked to do this for a friend, so I took the time today to get it done. It’s not all that large, mainly due to the fact that the manuscripts found are essentially 4 fragments of a much larger scroll that unfortunately has been lost over time.

But who knows. Maybe some more pieces from this manuscript shall be identified from the several hundred from the Dead Sea Scrolls that they’ve yet to identify 🙂

There is a direct link to the transcription below, and it is also easily accessible from the Downloads Page, which is also linked to in the sidebar to the right-hand side of this page 🙂

Wadi Sdeir (Sdeir 1) – Genesis Text

Edit: For the above, please refer to the Downloads Page.