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The End of 2020 / Start of 2021: Plans and World Problems

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The End of 2020 / Start of 2021: Plans and World Problems

January 4th, 2021

Like most of you reading this, 2020 was not that great of a year. World-wide country lockdowns, people losing their job, the word “isolate” being used more than any other time in history. To call 2020 a “turbulent” year doesn’t quite capture the essence of what 2020 was.

Nevertheless, this is a new Gregorian-Calendar year, with a hopefully more optimistic outlook for everybody. Throughout last year there was no major update on TWTY; I did however spend the time going through all the current things on TWTY and making sure all errors etc., were fixed/rectified. The only new thing is the Google Translate Toolbar in the header at the top of the website.

TWTY receives many visitors from around the world, so whilst not perfect, Google Translate does a decent job of translating, so I hope the addition assists those who come to this site whose first language isn’t English.

Plans for 2021? I think it’s about time I sorted out Version 3 of the translation. I also think Version 3 should really be Version 1, Version 2 should be the current Version 1, and there be no other version. It would satisfy the need I foresaw back in 2005, and provide an easy-to-read version, and a more in-depth one for those requiring more. My plan is to get the eye-witness accounts done this year, and the other books/letters in 2022.

Here’s to 2021 being a much better year for all of us!