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Dead Sea Scrolls – Web View Initial Release

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Dead Sea Scrolls – Web View Initial Release

April 1st, 2024

To continue a raft of updates coming to The Way to Yahuweh over the course of 2024, I am pleased that some work over the past few months has finally come to fruition!

As many people have informed me, the PDF versions of the Dead Sea Scrolls (and the papyrus transcriptions etc.) are not very easy to work with (especially when trying to copy and paste). I have accordingly been working to convert them into easily readable XML (eXtensible Markup Language) files, which can also be viewed a lot easier on The Way to Yahuweh itself.

At the present time the Dead Sea Scrolls Textual Critical Edition is available by following the relative links here. On each page for the specific Tanakh book you’ll find the full Textual Critical Edition completely readable and able to be copied with very little hassle. At the bottom of each page the XML file for the page can be downloaded, along with the XML file containing the full cache of notes (although not all books contain notes). As usual, PDF versions will always remain available via the downloads page.

Whilst very good for being able to convert into web-viewable format, the XML files can also be utilised by any other software package or developed API which are able to read XML data This can then be converted into other formats. This will allow all the files (eventually) up on TWTY to be disseminated among other platforms, and utilised in a variety of ways. It also means updates to any file can be done very quickly, and not have to be reduced to redoing a PDF file (which can be quite cumbersome!). This will also be able to be distributed among other platforms that link to or use the XML files once new updates are added.

I’m still working on how things look on each page, so there may be a few times where pages aren’t loading. Rest assured these will only be temporary outages, so always check back if you are unable to load a page.

As always, any errors please let me know. 🙂