The Way To Yahuweh I am Yahuweh – That is My Name
Isaiah 42:8

Dead Sea Scrolls – Complete Haggai Text

September 1st, 2011

The short book of Haggai appears in three of the Dead Sea Scrolls Manuscripts – Wadi Murabba’at Minor Prophets (MurXII); 4Q77b (4QXIIb); and 4Q80e (4QXIIe). So as usual, I have transcribed and uploaded all three of them onto the website 🙂

(For people that haven’t realised, there are certain “key codes” for the Dead Sea Scroll’s Manuscripts. 4Q stands for “Fourth Qumran Cave” (so therefore “2Q” would stand for “Second Qumran Cave” and so on and so forth), and manuscripts with XII in their title stand for “Twelve” and so refer to “The Twelve Minor Prophets”).

Wadi Murabba’at/MurXII | 4Q77b/4QXIIb | 4Q80e/4QXIIe

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