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Isaiah 42:8

No it doesn’t…

December 16th, 2008

A friend of mine recently lent me a book to read, The Untold Story of the New Testament Church by Frank Viola, a vehement proponent of house churches who attacked the “paganism” of Christianity in his other book, Pagan Christianity, although he completely didn't do that in the book, but more attacked the use of Church buildings rather than house-Churches, as you'd expect.

I'm not exactly sure why I expected this new book to be any better, but I did, and it's already full of completely untrue and useless 'information', non more blatent that what's written in brackets on page 57,

The report that the Gentiles have received the gospel spreads like wildfire all throughout Judea. When Jerusalem hears of it, some of the believers in the church are alarmed and infuriated. (The Law prohibits the fraternization of Jew and Gentile…..)

In typical Chrisitan fashion, “The Law” is in reference to the Torah, aka the Pentateuch, aka the books of Moses, aka the first five books of the Old Testament, and in typical Christian fashion, Mr. Viola has stated that the Torah prohibits something that it actually doesn't. One wonders if Viola has even bothered to read the Torah before he states something like this in a book. Funnily enough, this is another of the places in the book where Viola doesn't give a reference for his statement, mainly because it's not true, and Viola should know better.

When stupid, idiotic statements like this are finaly brought to end, I may actually start feeling less irritated at fools, such as Viola has shown himself to be.