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Dead Sea Scrolls – Complete Hosea Text

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Dead Sea Scrolls – Complete Hosea Text

September 28th, 2011

A little treat before the Feast of Trumpets (Also known as Taruw’ah): Complete transcriptions of all the manuscripts found among the Dead Sea Scrolls containing text from the book of Hosea.

This also means that all the manuscripts containing text from the Twelve Minor Prophets have been completely transcribed and uploaded onto the website, and so I’ve compiled them all into their respective manuscripts and names 🙂

Furthermore, due to the large collection of free PDF’s for download on the website, I’ve also created a new page that just contains links to all the available downloads on TWTY. Check it out here. It’s also available via the link on the sidebar to the right.

This will the last update with Dead Sea Scroll transcriptions for a while. Got a few other things on my to-do list that need doing 🙂

4Q78c (4QXIIc) Hosea Text | 4Q79d (4QXIId) Hosea Text | 4Q82g (4QXIIg) Hosea Text

Complete Manuscript Transcripts
4Q76a (4QXIIa) Minor Prophets – Full Text | 4Q77b (4QXIIb) Minor Prophets – Full Text | 4Q78c (4QXIIc) Minor Prophets – Full Text | 4Q79d (4QXIId) Minor Prophets – Full Text | 4Q80e (4QXIIe) Minor Prophets – Full Text | 4Q81f (4QXIIf) Minor Prophets – Full Text | 4Q82g (4QXIIg) Minor Prophets – Full Text | Wadi Murabba’at (MurXII) Minor Prophets – Full Text | Nahal Hever Greek Minor Prophets (8HevXIIgr) Scroll – Full Text

Edit: For the above, please refer to the Downloads Page.

Dead Sea Scrolls – Complete Haggai Text

September 1st, 2011

The short book of Haggai appears in three of the Dead Sea Scrolls Manuscripts – Wadi Murabba’at Minor Prophets (MurXII); 4Q77b (4QXIIb); and 4Q80e (4QXIIe). So as usual, I have transcribed and uploaded all three of them onto the website 🙂

(For people that haven’t realised, there are certain “key codes” for the Dead Sea Scroll’s Manuscripts. 4Q stands for “Fourth Qumran Cave” (so therefore “2Q” would stand for “Second Qumran Cave” and so on and so forth), and manuscripts with XII in their title stand for “Twelve” and so refer to “The Twelve Minor Prophets”).

Wadi Murabba’at/MurXII | 4Q77b/4QXIIb | 4Q80e/4QXIIe

Edit: For the above, please refer to the Downloads Page.

Dead Sea Scrolls – Zephaniah Text

August 8th, 2011

I have now uploaded PDF’s of the text of Zephaniah as found in the Dead Sea Scrolls manuscripts: Wadi Murabba’at; Nahal Hever Greek Minor Prophets 8HevXIIgr; 4Q77b/4QXIIb; 4Q78c/4QXIIc; and 4Q82g/4QXIIg. That’s now 4 of the 12 Minor Prophets completed, all with comparisons against the accepted text of the Greek Septuagint and Masoretic Hebrew 🙂

Wadi Murabba’at | Nahal Hever Greek Minor Prophets 8HevXIIgr | 4Q77b/4QXIIb | 4Q78c/4QXIIc | 4Q82g/4QXIIg

Edit: For the above, please refer to the Downloads Page.

(As a little funny aside, I was reading along in The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible as I was doing Zephaniah, and in their introduction to Zephaniah, the scholars who did the translation start off with “The four short chapters of Zephaniah are well attested in the scrolls…” The funny thing is, there’s actually only three chapters in Zephaniah, not four 🙂 )