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“No need to reply…”

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“No need to reply…”

June 8th, 2013

I woke up today to find an email in my TWTY inbox – something I always look forward to. However this email was rather odd, as it came from someone whom put their email address as “[email protected]”, indicating immediately that this person would not want to engage in any sort of meaningful discourse (always a shame).

So I’d thought I’d share his email on here. I couldn’t email him back to confirm his permission, so I’m going to presume that he wouldn’t’ve had any objections:

You wrote that you want to honestly seek the truth, but from what you put on your website, you are guilty of what you say others do. Almost everything you say is riddled with incorrect assertions, which show that you can read neither Hebrew nor Greek. Yet you put up your own “translation” which is nothing but nonsense. If you are truly honest, you will take down your foolishness, but if you are not, I will fully expect you to ignore my words. For that reason there is no need to reply, but only do what is right before God.

Now, he makes many claims such as that TWTY makes “incorrect assertions”, shows that the ability to read Hebrew or Greek is lacking, and that the translations are “nothing but nonsense”… but then gives absolutely no evidence to support his brash (and completely incorrect) claims. There is nothing brought forward to demonstrate an “incorrect assertion”, where something has been incorrectly read in Hebrew or Greek, or what exactly is incorrect in the translations. I can neither correct nor defend something if I don’t actually know what I’ve done wrong. The answer of “everything” is not feasible in this case.

So, David (the person who sent the above email) – please either email back showing evidence of your claims, or feel free to post in the topic created just for you in the For All section of the forums (which means you can post without having to sign up) – Topic Link

Failing that, nothing is going to be removed from the TWTY. It isn’t a habit of this website to give any credence to moronic ramblings.