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Isaiah 42:8

Update! New Web Host

June 18th, 2009

Just in case people were wondering about all the downtime that The Way To Yahuweh has been suffering recently, it was unfortunately caused by my former webhost –, who had their UK server causing a whole host of, what can only be said as, “unknown issues” – unknown mainly because Smoovenet has yet to tell anyone they host what the problem has been! After it went down again for the 4th time in less than a week (an average 7 hours per downtime), I sought about finding a new webhost, as Smoovenet’s service is now a complete and utter shambles, not just regarding me either.

So, I am glad to say that I have now moved all files and such to my new webhost’s server; relatively new company, who managed to have the server ready for me less than an hour after placing my order! Hopefully everything has managed to transfer across correctly. I have checked through the site to see whether I could find anything missing or anything, but I wasn’t able to find anything wrong!

So, hopefully this will mark the end to the barrage of downtimes the website suffered (as well as many other Smoovenet hosted websites).

If anyone notices anything out of whack, please, let me know!