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Isaiah 42:8

Update! Translation Revision

April 20th, 2009

After finishing both the Lucus and 2 Thessalonians Translations, I have gone back and done a revision of my translation of Titus. It has now grown quite significantly, and I have also finally created a fully-functional PDF file to go with it 🙂

As it happens, I shall be starting both the Textual Criticism and translation of the Book of Acts (a.k.a The Acts of the Apostles) immediately, and judging from how long the translation of Lucus took (the same author of Acts), this may be the final update for a while, as Acts is even longer than Lucus!

Saying that, there was something that seriously annoyed me when I was doing my revision of Titus, so I shall probably post a few blogs between now and when I finish translating Acts 🙂

Please find the PDF file of Titus here, and the webpage here.

And as always, all the translations can be downloaded in Zip format from this link.