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Dead Sea Scrolls: Web & XML Versions

Web-Viewable Version

(Updated: April 1, 2024)

This page contains the following:
The Textual Critical Edition of the Scriptural Dead Sea Scrolls (DSS). There is, as of yet, no textual critical edition of any of the sectarian or non-Scriptural DSS. There are currently no XML files nor web-viewable version of the full set of Scriptural DSS (forthcoming 2024).

To make these viewable for a wider audience on the web, all former PDF only versions of the Textual Critical files have been converted into viewable and downloadable XML Files, including the vast array of notes.
This will make the text easier not just for viewing, but copying and/or distribution into even further formats. With the easy to read XML files, these can be manipulated by any programme which is able to remix and transform XML files into either modules or even inclusion in web APIs on other websites.

As such, all are still downloadable in PDF format by going to the downloads page.

XML and web-viewable versions of the Dead Sea Scrolls transcriptions will be made available during 2024.

Notes Key:

Blue Letters – These are places where there’s a difference between the Dead Sea Scrolls which are extant for this verse. Notes contain reference to the Masoretic Hebrew, as well as to the Greek Septuagint and Samaritan Pentateuch where applicable.

Complete Textual Critical Editions

Bibleworks DSS TC Module

For those with the Bible Software Bibleworks, you’ll be pleased to know that one of the readers of TWTY has turned the TC Edition (see above) into a usable module for the software! Please see the bottom of the TC Edition downloads section here.