The Way To Yahuweh
I am Yahuweh – That is My Name
Isaiah 42:8


Apocrypha Translations

Branching out from the usual ‘Scriptural’ books that people read, there are actually several other books, written by Jews or early followers of the Messiah & Gnostics, that didn’t make it into the Biblical Canon, yet are still quite interesting to read.

Unfortunately, whilst there are already translations available for such works, they’re either very old and sound almost KJV-ish (example 1), or not easily readable or downloadable (example 2).

I have sought to rectify this, bringing a new, up to date translation of the underlying Greek and/or Hebrew texts, plus allowing them to be easily downloaded, read, and studied to see just exactly how they may differ from the Canonised books, and determine exactly why they didn’t receive Canonicity.

There will be three versions of each one: First) The sole English translation; Second) The underlying Greek and/or Hebrew text used only; and Third) Parallel English and underlying Language, in verse order.

For the moment, these will only be in Downloadable form, but I do plan on including them on the website for easy access sometime in the future 🙂

The Good News according to Peter/The Gospel of Peter/Ευαγγελιον κατα Πετρον

English Translation
Underlying Greek
Greek-English Parallel