The Way To Yahuweh
I am Yahuweh – That is My Name
Isaiah 42:8


Initial Notes

There will be three main “English Versions” of the Renewed Testament on this website:

Version 1 will be a fully amplified and annotated version, with basically every meaning of the original words being shown, in order to give people a better understanding of what the Greek words meant to the original readers. This means of course that each book is extremely big, and is therefore quite a task to read. But as I’m here to give you the best meaning of the Scriptures I can give in a translation, it’s definitely for the best, and I would encourage everyone to read it fully amplified.

Notwithstanding, there are currently several “amplified” versions that have been published, but I’ve read quite a few of those, and I have realised that even the amplified ones are wrong (and in many cases, aren’t amplified in the slightest), so it doesn’t make them any better than the more popular, none-amplified translations such as the NIV or the KJV.

Version 2 will be a half-amplified version, so it’ll be quite similar to Version 1, but with less words, which will make Version 2 a bit easier to read.

Version 3 will be the not-so-much-amplified version, with perhaps just one or two words given as amplification. This therefore means that Version 3 will be the easiest version for people to start getting their teeth into.

I have opted not to include verse numbers in the main text itself. Like The Message and the New Jerusalem Bible translations, I have put the verse numbers in the margins. I have also opted to put the Chapter numbers and Section headings in the left-hand margin. Most of the time, the chapter divisions and section headings are in the most ridiculous of places, so leaving the text as it is, people can get a further grasp of the actual context of the original Words of New Testament/Renewed Testament, as written by the delegates and the fellow disciples of the Messiah.

I have also restored the original names of those that are mentioned in the Renewed Testament, to correspond with their original Hebrew, Greek and Latin names. Therefore “Matthew” is not called “Matthew”, as his actual name is MattithYah; “Luke” is not called “Luke”, as his actual name is Lucus, and so on and so forth with the other people mentioned throughout the Renewed Testament. During the text, wherever there is a restoration of a name or an explanation from me, I have inputted a star sign – * – to show that there is a footnote for it in the right-hand margin.

Each Version is set to appear online in 1024×768 resolution, so those of you with smaller screen resolutions than this will have a problem reading them. Those with higher screen resolutions will have no issues, and can even implore the zoom-in function of the internet browser that you are using. It should be noted that the translations are set to appear properly in internet browsers based on the Chromium engine (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Vivaldi etc., etc), including mobile web-browsers based on the same. I personally haven’t checked what they look like in Apple Safari, so I apologise in advance for any inconvenience that might cause.

I will also be doing two Parallel Versions. The first Parallel Version will be each of my Versions compared to each other. The second Parallel Version will be my Version 1 compared to the KJV, so you can see just how different they are.

Each Version will have a printable PDF file for you to download. This should make it easier to view them in Adobe Reader, with the result that you’ll be able to print them out with no problems. Trying to print them directly from the webpage will produce some rather odd effects, I can assure you.

The translations on this website are completely free – I am in full belief that the Word of God should never have to be paid for if at all possible, and those that sell it for a profit, and don’t allow other people to use more than 200 verses before paying them “royalties”, are doing something that Yahuweh never intended – sticking a price on the ability to know and understand Him.